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Interlude Playground is the place to get your creative juices
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Treehouse is a simple-to-use web app that unleashes your creativity
and lets you design and publish your own interactive videos.
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Why Interlude

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The new Standard in Interactive Video

Interlude videos are interactive, engaging and completely seamless,
offering a multi-layered video experience for the digital age
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Featured Projects //

  • Music Videos
  • Promos for TV/Film
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Ads
  • Children's content
  • Conversations
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Treehouse by Interlude is a self-service HTML5 web app that unleashes your creativity
and lets you design and publish your own interactive videos
  • Simple to use Intuitive interfaces, industry standard tools & common workflows. We've worked hard so you won't have to
  • Easy Distribution Integrate into your site, blog or Facebook page; publish for iOS and Android devices

  • Flexible & Customizable Supports complex story structures and custom user interfaces
  • Unlimited No limits on video length, number of choices, storage and files. Encouraging epic creations
  • High Quality Seamless videos; HD publishing

  • Calls to action Link out to websites, shop URLs or other destinations
  • Real time metrics Access to a personal dashboard to track performance and user engagement
  • Free Core plan Unlimited projects, publishes and even CDN services. See our full plan offering.
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Professional Services

interlude Pro Services

With an award-winning team of creative, digital, and media experts,
Interlude Pro Services offers a full suite of solutions to support partners looking for custom interactive video experiences.
Creative Consulting
Creative Consulting
We offer partners everything from jumpstart packages to optimize the concept, script, production, and integration of your first video through large-scale workshops to educate your team on non-linear storytelling.
Insight & Analytics
Insight & Analytics
Delivering an amazing interactive experience excites us. But what really motivates us is analyzing viewer behaviors and choices, and generating insights that will transform your business.
Customer Goal Optimization
Customer Goal
We work with our partners to design interactive experiences that will deliver results. From improving brand awareness to increasing sales, we want the interactive experience to improve your business needs.
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